Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Jesus promised believers a wonderful spiritual experience.  He called it the “gift of the Holy Spirit” and said they would receive power to become His witnesses and to do the works that He did.
Mark 1:7-8 “and this was (John’s) message: “after me will come one more powerful than I, the thongs of whose sandals I am not worthy to stoop down and untie.  I baptize you with water, but He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.”

When you came to the point of surrender and asked Jesus Christ to forgive you of your sins and to come into your life, the Holy Spirit came with you, quickened your spirit and made you alive unto God.  You were born of the Spirit, born from above.  You became God’s son or daughter.  If you die, you will go to heaven.
However, Scripture is very clearly demonstrates that there is subsequent experience with the Holy Spirit where He comes upon you and baptizes you with power.  That is what millions of believers have personally experienced.

What does the Holy Spirit do and Why do we need the Holy Spirit?

  • Jesus said the Father promises we will be clothed with power.  The Holy Spirit baptism is for power to witness.  Luke 24:49
  • Jesus gave a command, not a suggestion to His disciples to wait for the gift of the Holy Spirit so we can become effective witnesses. Acts 1:4-5, Acts 1:8
  • The Holy Spirit came just as the Father and Jesus had promised.  These believers caused quite a commotion with this supernatural empowering that enabled them to speak in languages they had not learned.  You can do the same. Acts 2:1-4
  • Speaking in tongues (spiritual language) and praising God is a definite pattern in Scripture that accompanies the Holy Spirit baptism.  The same should be expected whenever the Holy Spirit comes upon those who believe. Acts 10:44-48
  • You receive the gift of the Holy Spirit the moment we ask, just like when we asked for Salvation.
  • Paul encouraged everyone to speak in tongues and prophesy I Corinthians 14:4
  • Praying and worshiping in tongues edifies the believer spiritually and builds up the inner spirit.  Jude 20
  • Praying and worshiping in tongues allows us to enter the realm of the supernatural.  We are communicating with the Lord in the natural and supernatural dimensions. I Corinthians 14:14-15
  • Praying in tongues allows us to hear words of instruction from the Holy Spirit, receive revelation from Him, and may give us the interpretation of what the Holy Spirit is saying. I Corinthians 14:26

To summarize speaking in tongues from  I Corinthians 14:                   
  • It is a real language
  • You are speaking to God
  • You are speaking spiritual secrets
  • You are personally built up and edified.
  • Your Spirit is praying.
  • You are giving thanks.
If you would like to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit:
  • You must first accept Jesus as Savior
  • If you have concerns about other teaching you have heard, speak with a pastor or other spirit-filled believer for clarity.
  • Ask for it:  Jesus, baptize me in the Holy Spirit.  Fill me with Your power so I can be a better witness for You. Thank You, Lord.  I have received. Help me know to release my spiritual language.  Amen. 
Take a deep breath and allow the Holy Spirit to give you the words.  It may sound like a baby learning to talk with nonsensical syllables.  Jesus asks us to become like children and speaks words of praise to the heavenly Father.  We simply speak the words the Holy Spirit prompts.  What it sounds like is up to Him.
  • Pray in your new language as often as possible.  Don’t get “religious” about it.  Pray when you are riding in the car, taking walks, or any activity that lends itself to prayer. 
  • Portions of the above taken from Doing What Jesus Did by John and Sonja Decker